Discover the Background and the Passion that Make Us Special 

Our History

On the Quirinale Hill, one of the legendary Seven hills where Rome was born in 753 BC, on the first floor of an elegant building of the 19th century, every day SWEET DREAMS team gets ready for a special meeting – with you.

We welcome our guests with passion, enthusiasm and services of professionals, grown from our own travel experience.

We believe that in order to enjoy your vacation you need to relax your mind, and dive into colors, aromas and flavors of this land so ancient that it is in a sense the cradle for many distant nations as well. We can help to do this by planning your stay. Helping our guests is our daily mission!

Our environment: a precious value to defend

Our work, our mentality and our lifestyle is based on the respect and attention to our environment. We change towels every 2-3 days, and they come from certified enterprises. We use ecologic detergents for daily cleaning, in order to minimize the pollution. We divide recyclable waste. We use only LED light bulbs, modern AC system with inverter class A+, local heating with thermostats. We have installed a water softener, to minimize calcification, and to reduce system’s maintenance and consumption. And we thank you for your help defending our environment, our health and our future.